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Ron Sheldrake is certified by ASTTBC,  licenced by the Province of B.C., and has a lifetime of trades experience.

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Home Sense Inspection

Let’s look at each system that we inspect.

      The lay of the land is very important to the well being of your home. Where is the water coming from and going to? Is it collecting or being diverted away? Is it getting in the home? Are there any hazards, or trees or vegetation that can affect the lifespan of structural or exterior components? These areas and others need to be assessed.

      Starting at the roof, and going down to the parkade, everything that the strata maintains needs to be looked at to determine the buildings general condition and state of maintenance, as this will affect your present and future strata fees.

      The most important part of your home. Is it safe? Is it in good condition? Has it been compromised by poor construction or alteration? These are just a few of the questions you’ll want answers to. A good structure can give you many years of  good service, but can be one of the most costly areas of  repair if it has been neglected and is failing.

      The exterior of your home is both aesthetic and functional. It provides the finished look and is integral in keeping out moisture and protecting underlying structure. Deterioration and leaks, with potential rot and mould growth, need to be located and reported.

      Your roof should keep everything dry and safe. The outside system of  roof  coverings, flashings, gutters, and down pipes all need to be in good order to keep your home secure, as failure of any of these parts can lead to interior damage, structural rot, mould growth and large unexpected repair costs.

      Water in, waste water out. Sound simple, but hiding away is a system of  pipes, shutoffs, faucets, water heater, fixtures, valves, drains, vents and connections that all need to be examined as a whole. Your plumbing should be checked for functionality, leaks, condition and safety to give you peace of mind.

      Keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer and the air clean year round. When it’s working well, it’s set and forget, when it’s not the cost of operation goes up, and your comfort and well being goes down. We will examine the system, see if it’s been properly maintained and make recommendations to keep it running efficiently.

      Your wiring system keeps all your lights on, your heating system running and all your appliances and devices working. You’ll barely notice properly functioning wiring. There’ll be no tripped breakers or power outages - things will just work. We will look over the system, make sure it’s adequate for your needs and check that there’s no potential fire and safety hazards.

      Heating and cooling costs can be greatly increased if there is inadequate insulation, and problems can arise if attic ventilation is substandard. Checking all the accessible insulation is part of the service, and any deficiencies will be reported.

The inside of your home isn’t just drywall and paint. We will check doors and windows, walls, crawlspaces, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and laundry facilities etc. We will note if there are signs of moisture from leaks, which are easy for the home owner to overlook, and check for safety hazards.

A home is the largest investment that a lot of people will make. An independent professional inspection at the time of purchase can assist the home buyer in making an informed decision by identifying areas of concern, unexpected repairs, and expenses.

We check it all so you know what you're buying.

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