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Ron Sheldrake is certified by ASTTBC,  licenced by the Province of B.C., and has a lifetime of trades experience.

Licence #61812

Home Sense Inspection

Why a pre-sale inspection?

 When you list your home for sale, you want the easiest sale possible, with maximum return on your investment. The pre-sale inspection allows an examination of the home from top to bottom, looking for the areas of concern that a potential purchaser, or their inspector will see.

Being informed in advance gives you the opportunity to either address any issues that could affect your homes value, or be aware of them, and not be surprised during negotiation.

A pre-sale inspection can be as simple as a walk-thru, where we look at all areas of the home, inside and outside, together, and you receive an immediate report. This is the most affordable option. Or it can be a full inspection with a complete, fully detailed report, that goes over everything that a purchasers inspection would cover.

If you have any questions, or to book a pre-sale inspection please call Home Sense Inspection anytime.

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