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Ron Sheldrake is certified by ASTTBC,  licenced by the Province of B.C., and has a lifetime of trades experience.

Licence #61812

Home Sense Inspection

Why a Post-Purchase inspection or Maintenance evaluation?

You've bought the home you've been waiting for. But due to market conditions, or circumstances, you were unable to have an inspection done at the time of purchase. A post-purchase inspection will allow you to understand the condition of your home, and if there are any areas of concern that you need to know about. If there are any issues, you will also have them evaluated and any necessary repairs prioritized so that they get done in order of importance.

Perhaps you bought your home some time back, and are now thinking about some renovations, upgrades or even adding on. Or maybe your home needs some repairs and maintenance done, and you're not sure how to prioritize the work in order to get the best value for your money.

This is when a post-purchase or maintenance evaluation can streamline your efforts, save you time, and allow you to put your resources to the best possible use. My years of experience can assist you in setting priorities and deciding whether projects are within your personal capabilities or need to be contracted. I also can advise you on how to deal with contractors in order to get your projects, big or small, completed at a reasonable cost, within an appropriate timeframe, and to your satisfaction. Mistakes with contractors can be expensive, disruptive, and demoralizing.

The evaluation can be as simple as a walk-thru with you, or as thorough as necessary to give you the information and insights you need.

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