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Why get a home inspection?

Is a pre-purchase home inspection necessary or even needed? Of course the choice is yours, but it’s a little like a one time insurance policy against being caught unaware of a major expense, or series of expenses in your family’s new home. A home inspection doesn’t produce a simple pass or fail of the home, but rather it’s a snapshot of the state of the house or condominium’s condition that can influence your negotiating position on a potential purchase.

When does it happen? What’s involved? What do you get?  And how is it done? All good questions; let’s have a look.


A home inspection clause is generally put into your offer to purchase contract, that is presented to the homes current owner, and is normally subject to the inspection being to your satisfaction. If the current owner accepts your offer you will have a specified amount of time to complete the inspection.

What’s involved?

Hiring an inspector is pretty straightforward. All home inspectors in B.C. must be provincially licensed by the Consumer Protection Branch of the Province of B.C., and be a member in good standing of an accredited professional organization.

What do you get?

An inspection wouldn’t be too meaningful if everyone did it differently, so standards of inspection need to be adhered to. The B.C Institute of Property Inspectors has Code of Ethics and Standards of Inspection pages on their website, and that appear in our contract, that you can read so that you can be confident that you will receive a thorough and comprehensive inspection by a licensed and insured professional.

The inspector cannot move furnishings, disassemble anything or cut holes in walls, so the inspection is limited to what is freely visible or can be easily accessed.

How is it done?

When your inspector starts he will systematically focus on each major system of the home and do a detailed examination of all it’s components, and record the results in a report. He will look to see if each part is in acceptable condition for the age of the home, and record any deficiencies that could affect the health and safety of the occupants, or incur unexpected repair expenses.

Is it important?

Each component or system in your home collectively contributes to the comfort, safety and enjoyment of  your home. Individually each system that will be inspected requires some maintenance and attention over time, to maximize it’s lifespan and to minimize major breakdowns and expenses, so it’s important to know its current condition, so that you can estimate future maintenance and upgrading expenses.

We check it, report it and explain what it all means.